Record label gifts Kayvee a cash gift after he left the house

Former BBNaija’s Shine Ya Eye Contestant, Kayvee withdrew from the show due to Health Issues on Friday, August 20, 2021.

Big Brother Naija’s (BBNaija) housemate Kayvee has been on the lips and thoughts of many after he withdrew from the Shine Ya Eye show Record label owner Precious Pmoney gave Kayvee the cash gift as a way of encouraging him to keep his head high in spite of his challenges Pmoney pledged to always be accessible to Kayvee who was asked to withdraw from the show as his health deteriorated, anytime he needs help

Music executive, Precious Pmoney has given a N500,000 cash gift to former BBNaija housemate Kayvee. The record label owner disclosed the heartwarming gesture on his Instagram story channel. Precious Pmoney surprises fans as he gave Kayvee a N500,000 cash gift.

He posted on his Instagram story: “This is our way of supporting his dreams after his sad withdrawal from the Big Brother (Shine Ya Eye) House. We look forward to supporting his dreams whichever way we can in the future,”

Recall that in a statement which was released online, the contestant stated that he had earlier underestimated the effect of isolation on his mental health.

Kayvee is a talented photographer, 5 powerful pictures he captured before entering the house A few days after his withdrawal, Kayvee broke his silence, as he blamed his health deterioration on anxiety. In a statement addressed to his fans and BBNaija viewers, the photographer said he had no idea of how isolation could have negative effects on one’s mental health until it happened to him

While revealing that he’s now with his family and friends, Kayvee told his fans that he looked forward to connecting with them again soon.

Prior to his withdrawal, the 26-year-old became a subject of discussion among his peers who expressed skepticism about his wellness. Whitemoney cited a situation where Kayvee switched off the washing machine while someone else was using it. The former didn’t stop at that, as he went on to say Kayvee hissed at everyone around him without a reason, after which he walked away.

JMK corroborated Whitemoney’s claims during the conversation between them, as she cited a scenario where Kayvee suddenly jumped up from a bed to shout. Breaking the news of Kayvee’s withdrawal from the show, former head of house Pere explained that he had been feeling unwell for hours. Hence, he was advised to withdraw.

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