Thomas Iorliam Terlumun’s family was blessed with a set of beautiful triplets in March 2021 despite having three girls before

The babies were, however, born prematurely and subsequently transferred to an incubator running till April 2021

The poor father of six, who had to sell his tricycle to pay hospital bills, is seeking help from Nigerians to cater for his bundles of joy

When poverty-stricken Thomas Iorliam Terlumun’s wife became pregnant, he never had a clue that his expanding family would be blessed with a beautiful triplet.

The reality, however, dawned on the Benue-born tricycle (Keke Napep) rider when his wife gave birth to three kids —albeit prematurely in March 2021.

Thomas and his wife need help to carter for the need of six children.

Since then, what could have been sources of joy seemed to usher in snippets of sorrow as the poor family needed to channel the meagre income to the three kids who were in the incubator till April 2021.

Thomas Iorliam Terlumun, from Tiv tribe in Benue, lives with his wife in an uncompleted building at Gidan Daya, Orozo, a suburb of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja.

The man, who is in his early 40s, rides a commercial tricycle popularly known as Keke Napep while his wife hawks fufu or akpu as they continue to fight for survival in walloping want.

Thomas said he bought his Keke Napep at the price of N1.2 million on hire purchase.

Thomas and his wife already had three children, all girls, before the triplet addition.

Selling his only means of income to pay hospital bills

With no help from anywhere, Thomas told that he eventually sold his Keke Napep, his only mean of income for a paltry N170,000.

This was to enable him to pay the hospital bills incurred during the birth of his triplet. But before that, the Keke was already old and broken down beyond repair.

Nigerians should please help me

Thomas and his wife are calling on well-meaning and kind-hearted Nigerians to support them.

The Benue man is jobless and his wife who hawked fufu/akpu could not continue due to the demand of nursing six small kids at a time.

They can be reached via: +2349026950483

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