iROKO Tv boss, Jason Njoku is of the opinion that the pressure for under 30-year-old Nigerians to succeed these days is unnecessary.

According to him, the pressure is so much that every Nigerian wants to be made and extremely successful before they clock 30, and feel like they have failed when they are unable to acquire assets or own their own businesses before the big 30.

Sharing his own personal experience on Twitter the serial entrepreneur revealed that at 30 he was dead broke and was still living in his mum’s house.

Advising youths to be gentle on themselves, he noted that all he had to his name at 30 was a 2nd hand desktop and his ‘irokotv’ platform which had failed 10 times.

In his words,

“The pressure for 30year olds to succeed these days is so strange. So unnecessary. At 30 I was dead broke living at my Mum’s house. No girlfriend & zero assets.

“Just me my 2nd hand desktop & @irokotv 10 failures to my name but man did I enjoy those early years in the world. Enjoy sha”.

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