AUCSO Data Sharing Agreement Source: AUCSO

Don’t have money to purchase a Wi-Fi or modem?

No need to panic about how to connect your other devices to the internet once you have your android device. Your mobile data on any of the smartphones can serve as a host in connecting other phones, computers, or tablets to the internet.

With the advancement in features of smart devices, Android and other smartphones can now share mobile data with other devices through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or USB tethering. You do not need to panic to do something urgently when you are out of data. A friend with mobile data can connect you to the internet.

How to share mobile data with other mobile devices
AUCSO Data Sharing Agreement Source: AUCSO

It cannot, however, be overlooked that some network providers have allowed their users to share a certain percentage of their available mobile data to another part. This can be done by either sending data to their line or adding them to your mobile data beneficiary.

This article will detail the benefits of sharing mobile data with other mobile and guide through on how to share your mobile data with other devices.

Sharing Mobile Data

Years back, personal access to the internet was a rare asset. The common places with internet access were cybercafes and hotels. Outside those two places, it is almost impossible to access the internet.

Over the years, the availability of internet access has grown rapidly, it is almost available everywhere. This is because most jobs demand it now and aside from work, it needs to entertain one’s self. You have no need to go to a place to access the net now, you can always have access even while traveling.

After the issue of accessing the internet anywhere, anytime, any day, has been solved, access to the internet became more accessible.

However, how about owning multiple gadgets? Does that mean you have to purchase a data bundle for each of the devices? Frankly speaking, you will spend much more on a pone bill, subscribing to each of your gadgets before accessing the net.

Aside from the fact that it is more expensive, a data bundle has a high tendency to waste, since you will most likely be active on a device at once. Sharing attention on your devices with an amount to sharing data bundle, meaning you most likely would not be able to exhaust your data b

What about learning a way to connect all your device to a mobile data source? Travelling will no longer be a constraint; you can easily create your own Wi-Fi Hotspot at your new location within a limited time.

Sharing your data from a host to all your devices is the best way to save cash and avoid data wastage. How easy is this?

It is quite easy to share mobile data with another mobile by setting up a Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Wi-Fi Hotspot, then what was available on cellular networks, helps to access the internet with a faster connection. It can be tagged as an internet access point that allows users to connect to the internet through smartphones, computers, or other devices while they have no access to work or home networks.

Talking about Wi-Fi hotspots, we have three types, which are:

  • Public Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Mobile Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Pre-paid hotspots

What we are checking out in this article is mobile Wi-Fi hotspots. Although Pre-paid hotspot is similar to it. Prepaid Wi-Fi hotspots allow a subscriber to prepay for a certain amount of data. A limit will be set on how much data can be transmitted over the internet connection, then a prepayment will be done. Pre-paid hotspots save users bulk of cash as you can use them to access the internet without a long-term mobile data subscription.

When thinking of connecting your devices to the internet from just a source, the best available option has always been Wi-Fi. This always serves the purpose of hosting connecting numbers of gadgets to the internet at once.

The cost of setting up Wi-Fi is high! Even though people that own many gadgets know, they need Wi-Fi to connect their devices to the internet. The cost of setup and maintenance is why many run away from buying one.

The introduction of Wi-Fi hotspots on smartphones has helped to save the cost of buying Wi-Fi. iPhones and many android devices have a feature that can be turned on to create a Wi-Fi hotspot and mobile data on the host can be used to access the internet on other devices.

A purpose-built mobile Wi-Fi hotspot can also be purchased to serve this purpose. Purpose-built mobile Wi-Fi has been designed to convert a mobile data connection to a strong Wi-Fi connection.

If you constantly travel around the globe or always need steady access to the internet, you can easily use this to connect your devices. 

How to Turn On Your Mobile Hotspot

Since a mobile hotspot is an economical way to connect multiple devices to the internet, putting it on is an easy task. There are primarily two ways to achieve this on your mobile device; the long and the short. However, you will need the longer method to set up security for your Wi-Fi hotspot. 

  • Open your phone settings
  • Scroll to and open Network connection or Network and internet
  • Open your Hotspot and tethering menu
  • Click on the Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Toggle the button to put it on
  • Navigate to Hotspot Password to set your connection password and restrict the third party to access

You have just set up your Wi-Fi hotspot.

For the short way:

  • Swipe the top of your android screen down
  • From the menus, tap on Hotspot’s icon

In case the Hotspot icon is not readily available there, you can easily tap on the edit button and drag Hotspot to your quick setting. 

How to Connect Another Mobile to your Mobile Hotspot

After setting up a host Wi-Fi hotspot, then the beneficial device should connect, this can be done following these simple steps:

  • Open the Beneficial’s mobile Wi-Fi option
  • Select the host’s hotspot name
  • Enter the host’s hotspot password
  • Then, click connect

With this, you have successfully created an internet for all mobile close to your device. It should be known that the data usage billing of other devices would be on the host device. 

Though sharing a hotspot is a great idea. However, it consumes data faster than mobile will consume.

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