Nigerian Lady Who Couldn’t Get a Job After Sending Out Over 1,000 Applications Takes Her Frustration Online

A young Nigerian lady has said that despite the fact that she has sent over 1000 applications out, she will not give up Favour revealed that the only few offers she got at some interviews provided very miserly pay packages Many people who sympathised with her unemployment condition offered to help her better position for the labour market

A young Nigerian lady, Favour Onaruyi-Obasuyi, has taken her unemployment frustration to LinkedIn as she spoke about her several failed attempts at getting a job. In a long post, the lady revealed that she has been jobless since November 2020. Between that year and now, she applied for more than 1,000 job opportunities as they all hit a rock. The lady said she will not be giving up until she gets a job.

Salaries too small For the few that she was able to get an interview, their salaries according to her were very low. Favour said even people stopped accepting her LinkedIn connection requests, a situation she reasoned could have been caused by her job-seeking situation.

The lady stated that with everything that she has been through, she will not relent in going for what she wants. Favour, therefore, told her LinkedIn connections that she has a degree in microbiology and also stays in Abuja. I am also good at using YouTube Favour revealed, among other things, that she is good at YouTube content creation.

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