In 2018, a lawmaker and current Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon Idris Ahmed Wase, had said politicians were behind the killings in Plateau state.

Speaking during a plenary, Wase claimed he had evidence to prove that politicians were behind the many killings in the state.

The lawmaker, who represents Wase constituency in Plateau state, noted that he was aware that he was putting his life in danger by making the disclosure.

“I want to say this that the security men are not doing their work, they are the remote causes of this matter, whether we like it or not. I want to tell this House and Nigerians that about 300 people were trained in Israel, it’s there in our report, we gave it to the government to work on and find out those sponsoring them,” Maje had said.

“Till today, nobody has been traced and these people are the ones who go about killing people. I’m giving you this and I’m willing to surrender this documents.

“A company in Plateau State did importation and about four containers were missing and when we traced as a committee what was in those containers, we were told that the containers were taken to the house of a politician. When we traced the name of the company it was a security company in Israel. They bought arms.

“We do not want to say the truth and this will continue to hunt and bedevil us. The truth of the matter is that there are some politicians behind this killings. I’m from Plateau State and I’m saying those behind this are politicians and I know I’m putting my life on the line by saying this, but I prefer to die and save others. I’m willing to surrender some of these documents.”

There has been tension in Plateau of recent after 22 travellers returning to Ondo state from Bauchi were killed on August 14 along Rukuba highway in Jos North Local Government Area of the state.

The travellers had gone back to Bauchi State for an Islamic programme and were on their way back to Ondo State when they were attacked.

On Wednesday, Jos was enveloped in tension again following the killing of 35 persons in Ahwol Ward of the Naraguta community in the same LGA the previous night.

Simon Lalong, the state governor, had declared a 24-hour curfew in Jos North and dusk-to-dawn restriction in Jos South and Bassa LGAs.

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