Nigeria, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, Mali, Somalia and Mozambique may experience more daring jihadist activities following the triumph of the Taliban in Afghanistan, London-based Economist magazine warned.

It specifically said the victory of the Taliban would fire up jihadists in the countries listed and encourage recruits to join them.

The paper in a report titled: “After Afghanistan Where Next for Global Jihad?” said the effect of the take over of Afghanistan by the Taliban would be worse in weaker states.

According to the report, “the Taliban’s triumph will fire up jihadists in other countries, and spur recruits to join them. Some who live in rich countries will be inspired to commit acts of terrorism there. It does not take many such attacks to sow a sense of fear or roil domestic politics.

“Even worse will be the effect in poorer, weaker states, where jihadists aspire not merely to kill but to control territory, or at least prevent the government from doing so. In places like Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, Nigeria, Mali, Somalia and Mozambique, they already do. In several other parts of Asia, Africa and the Middle East, they threaten to. Many are asking: if our Afghan brothers can beat a superpower, surely we can beat our own wretched rulers?

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