The Nigerian Medical Association in Plateau State on Thursday expressed deep concern over what it described as the increasing population of the hospitals’ emergency wards and mortuaries by victims of attacks and killings in various communities in Plateau State.

A source learnt on Thursday that following the attacks, the striking resident doctors at the Jos University Teaching Hospital have recalled their members “on compassionate” ground to enable them to attend to emergencies occasioned by the crisis in the state

In a statement issued on Thursday, the NMA lamented the security situation in the state, saying that a situation where people face the brazen reality of being attacked, injured and or murdered in cold blood while their homes, farmlands and means of livelihoods are completely destroyed with no end in sight to these hostilities was unacceptable.

The statement, jointly signed by the state chairman of the NMA, Dr. Innocent Emmanuel, and the Secretary, Dr. Bapiga’an William, said, “The Plateau State Branch of the Nigerian Medical Association is saddened and disillusioned by the persistent and vicious acts of inhumanity currently ravaging the society and exerting a great toll on the physical and psychological wellbeing of the masses across the state.

“The innocent, armless, accomodating and committed citizens of Plateau State have continued to live under the perennial unsavoury reality of perpetual terrorism manifesting as kidnappings for ransom, rape, maimings and killings as well as threats of total annihilation. On a daily basis, people are kidnapped from their houses and living with the fear that the same will happen the next day elsewhere or in their neighbourhood unabatedly, with huge sums paid as ransom.

“This worrisome and sad turn of events is severely bleeding the resources of the people and ultimately wrecking the economy of the state in general, resulting in a further increase in the sufferings that have characterised the life of ordinary citizens who abinitio have mostly been living below, at or only slightly above the poverty line.

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