A young man, whose identity is still unknown but simply identified as Vigo, an Arsenal football club fan, was on Thursday stabbed to death in Lagos.

The crisis between Vigo and another young man, who was said to be drunk, had started in the early hours of the day at a newsstand around Vox Bus Stop, Lagos-Badagry expressway.

The two had reportedly engaged in a hot argument over Arsenal’s Tuesday’s drubbing of West Bromwich Albion football club, forcing the other man to break a bottle and stabbed him on the neck.

Reporter who witnessed the vengeance by the witnesses against the alleged murderer, was told that Vigo was pronounced dead at a private clinic he was taken to.

“So the other guys who took Vigo to the hospital were visibly angry when they learnt he was dead. They just returned to the scene where the attacker was still standing and he was violently attacked and beaten to stupor,” a witness who craved anonymity to avoid possible arrest by the police, told this reporter.

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