Comic Actor Sanyeri Reacts As Wizkid Posts His Viral Meme ‘E File, O Fe Cook’

Popular Yoruba movie star, Olaniyi Afonja aka Sanyeri, is happy to have been recognised by top singer, Wizkid Sanyeri’s face has been making the rounds on social media after his performance in a movie went viral The much loved comic actor took to his page to react after his viral meme ‘e fi le, o fe cook’ was posted by the top singer

Much loved Yoruba comic actor, Olaniyi Afonja, popularly known as Sanyeri, has finally reacted after Grammy-winning Nigerian star, Wizkid, posted his viral meme. In recent times, Sanyeri seems to have taken over PawPaw and Odunlade Adekola as the king of memes seeing as his face has been plastered over social media. The actor’s face soon became a trending topic followed by the words, ‘e fi le, o fe cook’, on social media.

The trend soon got to the side of top singer, Wizkid, who also posted it on his Instagram story.

In reaction to being recognized by one of Nigeria’s biggest music stars, Sanyeri posted a snapshot of Wizkid’s post on his page and gave his fans the opportunity to complete his caption with creative replies. He wrote: “E fi Wizkid le o fe____?”

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