As shoppers jostle their way through narrow paths in Katangua, one of the largest second-hand clothing markets in Lagos, traders from all corners can be heard yelling to catch potential customers’ attention: “New open, select and pay, na mumu dey go boutique.”

The scene repeats itself on every market day in Katangua, especially on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays when the traders open new bales, as traders hustle to dispose their sought-after merchandise.

But the story is not unique to Katangua. Sale and purchase of second-hand clothing has become a big economic venture around Nigeria.

Second-hand clothing, commonly known as “Okrika”, “Akube” or “bend down select”, has been a veritable option for, not only low-income earners, but also other persons who would rather opt for it because of its peculiarities.

The business continues to flourish as millions of Nigerians in the low-income to middle-class bracket opt for it ahead of local textile as their purchasing power for new clothing drops.

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