BBNAIJA LOCKDOWN REUNION 2021 BBNaija: When I’m Trying to Ask Question, Zip Your Mouth and Listen, Liquorose Warns Housemates of Disrespect

The new Head of House Liquorose has addressed the issue of disrespect despite representing the Big Brother The young lady was spotted telling her fellow housemates that they did not honour her position when she wanted to read a brief The popular dancer noted that even her deputy and other people she didn’t expect were talking when she asked them not to

The new Head of House Liquorose has told her fellow contestants that they have no right to tell her to repeat what their task says when they were not listening to her the first time. Liquorose sat in her HoH chair as she addressed the rest of the house and accused them of disrespecting her.

Liquorose tells the housemates to act right The dancer said she told her fellow contestants to stop keep quiet for a minute in the arena room but they didn’t listen to her. According to her, even her deputy didn’t accord her any respect.

She also noted that when she called the housemates to come to the lounge and also sit up, they didn’t answer her. Noting that she wouldn’t do that if any of them were in her shoes, Liquorose said she respects everyone irrespective of their relationship. Liquorose noted that the next time she demands their attention and they do not listen to her, she would not pass the message across, adding that they could go and meet Big Brother if they want the message.

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