Nigerian Man Discovers 7-Year-Old Child Is Not His After Doing DNA Test,

A young Nigerian man has gone online to share that a daughter he thought was his, is not, after he conducted a DNA test Enifome hinted that everything looked shady from the beginning as the woman never informed him she had a baby until the child was two years old Many Nigerians have since reacted to the matter online, with many saying what the woman did was so wrong

A Nigerian man, Eguveso Enifome, has gone online to cry out after a 7-year-old child said to be his was found out not to be so after a DNA test. Enifome in one of the several videos he shared on his Facebook page, however, admitted that he was intimate with the woman before she got pregnant. He said that he wasn’t the only one dating the lady.

He said he was shocked when he was informed after the baby was two years old that the kid is his. Enifome revealed that the lady had other partners and it was not only him she was dating. The vexed man said he is taking the matter to the police station. In one of the several clips shared online, he could be seen smashing a photo as he said so many unprintable words.

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