Snoop Dogg Amused by Latest TikTok Trend, the Milk Crate Challenge

Taiwo Owolawi Legendary rapper, Snoop Dogg, shared several videos of people trying the dangerous Milk Crate Challenge The rapper said some videos were funny but also noted many have been risking their lives while trying the challenge The Milk Crate Challenge started on video sharing platform TikTok and has now spread like wildfire across the world

The Milk Crate Challenge has created quite a buzz across the world with millions of people risking their lives to take part.

The challenge may be dangerous but is also funny considering the number of people who have been flopping while trying to do it. Most videos of people trying the challenge which started on TikTok are hilarious and have been doing rounds on social media, cracking a multitude. Snoop is among people who could not help but share with his fans a couple of the Milk Crate Challenge videos on his Instagram account.

1. Successful moves Most people who tried the challenge, especially women have been killing it.

2. Terrible flops Some have been trying all their best but have been flopping badly. Quite a number of people who have been failing are men.

3. Age is just but a number Such challenges call for younger souls but not this one because even old people have been trying their luck to impress the world through the challenge.

4. Daredevils The challenge needs people to arrange the milk crates to a comfortable level. However, some people have been crossing the line by stacking up the creates to very high levels risking their lives in case of falls.

5. Pairs It is a challenge that needs to be attempted by one person at a go but some netizens have been challenging themselves by getting up the crates in pairs.

6. Unforgiving bystanders While attempting the challenges, many social media users have found themselves become the mockery of people watching them. While some have been cheering the participants, many have been spotted making fun of them.

7. Acrobats Considering the difficult nature of the challenge, most participants have been taking the crates carefully and trying to avoid risky moves. However, there are those who decided to try doing other things while atop the crates such as lighting cigarettes and carrying all manner of stuff, including backpacks.

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