Comedian Gives Talk-of-the-Town Birthday Party As Sunny Ade Shows Up With a Classic Performance

Nigerian celebrities recently took to their various social media pages to share lovely photos of themselves The celebrities were donned in beautiful outfits to honour comedian AY Makun as he celebrated his 50th birthday AY and his family members were spotted in lovely gold and black-themed outfit as they posed for the camera

Nigerian comedian AY Makun clocked the big 50 on Thursday, August 19, but the father of one decided to celebrate his special day on Thursday, August 26. The comedian’s party witnessed the attendance of many Nigerian celebrities who were beautifully dressed for the occasion. AY Makun celebrates his 50th birthday with friends and colleagues.

AY Makun celebrates 50th birthday The comedian shared a video showing the moment his family was set to step out for his party. His daughter Michelle was spotted in a gold and black dress as she sat in front of the piano.

The comedian wore a lovely agbada with horsetail in his hands while his wife donned a stunning bubu gown. Another video showed the moment the comedian made a grand entrance into his birthday party. Some guests were seated while others were on their feet capturing the beautiful moment with their phones. As AY walked in, a woman was spotted singing his praises in Yoruba language. She also prayed that the comedian would see many more years. The third video showed AY laying on the floor with his face down. He later heard a familiar voice singing a well-known song. By the time he lifted his face, the comedian saw the renowned juju singer King Sunny Ade. The comedian got up and danced with the popular singer.

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