Video Shows How Kid Stones His Parents’ TV While Watching Film, Damages the Screen Beyond Repair

The video of a kid breaking a TV screen just because he wanted to assist his superhero in winning a fight has gone viral In the short clip, the toddler hurled different items at the screen until the whole gadget was rendered useless People who reacted to the video wondered where exactly the two-year-old’s parents were while the destruction was taking place

A video shared by @usatoday on Instagram has shown a two-year-old’s surprising reaction when he saw that his superhero was taking a beating in a movie. In an attempt to rescue the character out of the claws of bad guys, the kid lifted a small toy and hurled it towards the TV screen. The boy’s action got many people talking.

The destruction was massive After his action broke a part of the screen, he never stopped there. He went ahead to smash the other part with an item, rendering the whole gadget unwatchable.

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