Kano State Hisba Board has admitted that it has two different approaches to treating the rich and poor in the state.

The board said this in an interview with the Kano based Freedom radio, while responding to an allegation that it hardly punishes wealthy class when they commit moral atrocities.

The Board’s Director, Dr. Aliyu Musa Aliyu Kibiya, argued that it is unethical for them as a moral police to publicise the wrongs of the people in power.

Kibiya said that, “We see things differently. If a leader errs it is against the teaching of Islam for us to go to the mosque and publicise it.”

“We have ways to reach out to leaders and preach to them, and our job is to deliver a message, but it is Allah that guides,” he said.

He noted that, “The way and manner in which you will call reprimand a common man and a leader differs.”

On his part the Commander General of the Board, Sheikh Muhammad Haruna Ibn Sina, argued that his organisation on different accounts had arrested the children of very influential people in the state

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