Thirty-one inmates have been released from the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS) in Kano.

The spokesman to the minister of justice, Umar Gwandu, said on Sunday that the presidential committee on Correctional Centres Reform and Decongestion facilitated the release of the inmates during a visit to Kano.

“The committee was in Kano for an on-the-spot assessment of the conditions of correctional centres and inmates with a view to making payment of fines for inmates who were convicted of minor offences but were unable to pay the fines, as well as a general review of peculiar cases.

“During the visit, 19 inmates were released through payment of fines by the Federal Ministry of Justice. Three were released through payment of fines by the Buni Yadi Foundation and two were released as well through payment made by Policy Vault Africa.

“Similarly, an additional seven inmates were released due to old age,” he said.

He also noted that the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes (UNODC) brought to the attention of the chairman of the committee, Ishaq Bello, the special case of Rahama Husseini.

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