Kind Man Pays Over N20k Luggage Fee for Oyinbo Lady at Airport, Refuses to Get His Money Back As She Cries

A young lady, Delilah Cassidy, was almost going to miss her flight because of baggage fees when a young man helped To get to the counter and pay the $50 (N20,600) sum, Cassidy would have to miss the flight; so she begged the airline officials When a young stranger saw the lady in distress, he paid with his card and rejected the offer to get the money from the lady

A man helped a young lady, Delilah Cassidy, and paid her baggage fees when the additional cost suddenly came up. The law student who was coming back home was told that she cannot pay the fees with cash like she was going to do but with a card, Understanding Compassion report.

Her bank problem The airport officials asked for cash because her card was declined due to the fact that her bank was yet to update her spending location.

Speaking with the media, Cassidy said that despite the fact that she had to put all her loads into a bag to save cost, the airliner still asked her to pay $50 (N20,600) for it. She said: “They tell me that I’m going to have to miss the flight and head back to the ticket counter to pay down there…” I got it, let me pay Just when the lady was pleading with officials so that she would not miss her flight, a young man stepped into the situation. When they told the man the fee, he said “I got it” and paid with his card. When she wanted to pay back, the young man asked her to “pay it forward” instead. The law student was moved to tears.

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