Nigerian pastor and author, Dr Bolaji Akinyemi has asked the Nigeria Police and the United States Government to investigate the claims of Senior Pastor and General Overseer, Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Johnson Suleman of receipts of miracle bank alerts by his congregants, at gatherings in Edo State, Nigeria, and Atlanta, USA.

In a video containing clips from a Holy Ghost Convention in Auchi, Edo State in June and an Impact 2021 programme in Atlanta, USA in July, Suleman had declared that angels would credit the bank accounts of some members of the congregation.

And as the video revealed, many congregants presented their testimonies of receipt of instant credit alerts from “angels”.

“There is a miracle alert here; she just got a miracle alert of $1,000. Miracle alert!” Suleiman had screamed.

“As you get it, run here. Angels will begin to put money in your accounts.”

One congregant who came out even said he received an alert of $989 and 70 cents.

“Papa, there is a miracle here,” one said.

“You gave your word at about twelve minutes past eight, and it is now thirteen minutes past eight and she has been credited with several zeros.”

He said, “I hereby request a thorough investigation into the claims of a pastor, Apostle Suleman of receipts of miracle bank alerts by congregants, at a gathering somewhere in Atlanta USA, the nature of the said miracle, if not address has the capacity to ridicule your banking system.

“This incident as captured in a video, with the link herein attached as evidence, took place in Atlanta Georgia USA, the said man of God is a Nigerian, whose ministry is based in Auchi Edo State, of interest to us, is the model American churches has become their global counterparts.

“It is expedient that this incident be investigated, as it is capable of sending wrong information to the global community of churches and may also bringing the CHRISTIAN FAITH to disrepute, derision, and ridicule. Putting this kind of unsubstantiated claims in public is capable of undermining the security apparatus of the banking system, as the congregants claimed to have received the alerts from unknown sources.

“The Special Fraud Unit of The Nigerian Police has been briefed of this ugly development and has promised to carry out an investigation, but since this act of banking system manipulation took place on American soil, we are duty-bound to keep you abreast of your responsibility. We look forward to your positive response, I will also be available to give any Biblical interpretation information that may be relevant in the course of your investigation.

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