African-American Postal Worker who Delivered Mail with Smiles for 14 Years

A postal worker in Houston, Texas, has been showered with love by residents of the city for his kindheartedness The African-American man simply called Mr James was given a farewell party after 14 years in service and dozens of residents were in attendance to show him how special he is to them In a video that has warmed hearts on social media, both whites and blacks made Mr James’ farewell party a memorable one

Mr James, a postal worker in Houston, Texas, has been celebrated by dozens of residents in the US city who bid him farewell after 14 years of delivering mail with smiles. In the video that was posted on Instagram by @goodnews_movement, people could be seen showing love to the African-American man. Residents of Houston, Texas, gave Mr. James a farewell party to appreciate him.

One of the residents in Houston, Erin Beckwith, said Mr James used every opportunity he had to show kindness and make everybody feel special

The kindhearted postal worker could be seen giving Erin’s son his pouch.

Erin said: “He was always so kind to my children, letting them help deliver the mail on our street and even picking up my kids when they couldn’t reach the neighbor’s mailbox. I know this added time to his day but he never rushed them. “He took every opportunity to show kindness and made each person feel special. At the party, he greeted everyone by name. Then at the end of the party, Mr. James wanted to give my son his mail pouch.”

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