Sweet Moment Boy Hugged Nervous Little Sister Tightly at School after Their Mum Dropped Them off Goes Viral

A little boy got many people emotional on social media as he cared for his kid sister who was nervous at school The young lad hugged the sister tightly in order to calm her as they were dropped off at school by their mother Many have hailed the boy’s mum for the love that exists in her family by reason of what the lad did

A little boy has become an internet sensation following his caring gesture to his sibling. The unsuspecting boy was recorded by the mother hugging his little sister after she brought them to school and went her way. The boy tried to calm his sister’s nerves by hugging her

This is as the little girl appeared nervous and didn’t want to enter her class. In the video shared on Facebook by The Uplift, the boy played the bigger person as he petted the girl who was probably going to tear up.

A teacher could be seen standing over the siblings still locked in a cute embrace. The sister would rush back into her brother’s arm each time they break away.

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