I Feed, Clothe and Pay My Rent From My Buns Frying Business: Nigerian Lady Who Left Parents’ Home Speaks

A young lady who started buns selling so she can save for her university education has spoken about her life struggles In a video interview, Naomi said that her daily sales could be as high as N5000 whenever business is good The 21-year-old revealed that since she finished secondary school in 2016, she could not continue with her education because of money

A 21-year-old Nigerian lady, Naomi Apegba, had spoken about how she fends for herself with her buns business after she left her parents to stay alone. In a video interview, the 21-year-old said there have been times when she would run out of cash to the extent that feeding was a big problem.

I took garri at night She revealed that whenever such happened, she went to bed with only garri in her stomach. The lady said there were other children in the family who needed funds for school.

It should be noted that she has been in the snack making business since she finished secondary school in 2016. Naomi said that she learnt the business from her mother. The lady stated that though she has had admissions in the past on three different occasions, there was no money for the education. I have some money now The lady said she has saved up a little for her university education now. According to her, when she gets into the university, she plans on continuing her business while schooling. The young lady added she will really love to study accounting because she loves counting money. She said she feeds and clothes from her business. Naomi makes between N3,000 and N5000 daily.

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