*’Boko Haram has taken over Shiroro LGA’ – Chairman raises alarm

Daniel Atori, Minna

The level of brutality exhibited by bandits reached a new low when armed brigands burnt 10 persons alive, slaughtered several others and abducted seven women in Kachiwe community of Sarkin Pawa ward in Munya Local Government Area of Niger State on Thursday.

It was learnt that the entire community were wiped out as the bandits took their time to set all the houses and barns ablaze before leaving with the women they abducted.

Confirming the attack, the Secretary of Munya Local Government Area, James Isaac Jagaba said that it occurred at about 2a.m.

He said the bandits invaded the community with motorcycles and cars adding that when he visited the community on Friday after the council was notified of the attack, there were still visible car tracks in the area.

Jagaba, who spoke on behalf of the council, appealed to the federal and state governments to address the issue of mobile network seizure in Munya Local Government Area adding that it would help to curtail future attacks.

According to him: “The bandits set all the houses ablaze, burnt 10 people alive, abducted 10 women and slaughtered the others. While leaving after carrying out their wicked act, they met two people on the way whose vehicle broke down and they (bandits) stopped and killed those two people, burnt their vehicle. In the process, three of the abducted women escaped and the bandits went with the remaining seven women.

“The whole community was wiped out by the bandits, nobody survived. We got to know about how they carried out the activities from the women who escaped and are still in shock.”

He further disclosed that the bandits moved to Shaape village under the Sarki Pawa ward and slaughtered nine people while others in the community took to their heels adding that they also killed seven people in Gogope ward.

It was learnt that the bandits were able to carry out their activities unabated due to the seizure of mobile networks in the affected communities.

And in a related development, despite success stories recorded, the Chairman of Shiroro Local Government Area of the state, Suleiman Dauda Chukumba has raised the alarm that the dreaded Boko Haram group has overtaken the local government area and are trying to recruit and equip more people to cause problems for the government.

While speaking to our Correspondent on Friday, the Chairman of the LGA disclosed that Boko Haram has proclaimed that they do not want conventional primary and secondary schools, saying “their (Boko Haram) only preferences are Islamic schools.”

It should be recalled that earlier in the year, Governor, Abubakar Sani Bello raised an alarm that the Boko Haram had hoisted their flag in some communities in Shiroro Local Government.

Chukumba raised a warning that the preaching of the Boko Haram members are against the government and they have been asking the residents to be part of what they are doing.

Narrating the situation in the local government area in Minna, the state capital, Chukumba disclosed that over 500 communities in the eight wards that make up the local government area have been overtaken by the Boko Haram and bandits; adding that it is Boko Haram that rule in most of the communities.

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