Jango, a popular University of Jos (UNIJOS) student who was said to have spent over thirteen years in the University studying international studies and relation.

He was said to be a senior comrade and with an alias, Aluta Jango.

The university and the environs were engulfed with celebrations as Jango finally wrote his final paper.

Jango knows the nooks and crannies of the university, both the new and the permanent sites.

He is social as described by many to the extent that he knows the room number of hundreds of students.

He was capped as the most senior comrade as he had participated actively in political and social activities of the university.

This has drawn the attentions of many on social who came before and after him to the university.

A lot of the students have come in contact with him.

Many perceived good things about him and others who did not go along with him also had their own views of Jango.

Jango has shown to be resilient and one who never gives up.

Congratulations to Jango!

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