Avoiding someone you love, whether you’re avoiding them in person, online, or even just in your own thoughts, can be done by changing your mindset and staying focused. By staying away from places they frequently visit and hiding their posts on social media, you’ll be much more successful in avoiding them. If you do run into them, it’s best to give them space, avert your gaze, and stay calm and polite.

Below are a few ways you could try to your benefit:

1. Get in love with BOOKS.

2. Make better use of your time and keep yourself busy. You can make time for fitness and health.

3. Think more than you act. Before you do anything, make sure it doesn’t tamper your cause.

4. Try spending time with friends.

5. Travel to destinations you didn’t imagine.

All the above methods may seem to be of no help but believe me, they can help in ways you won’t imagine.

Let me explain.

1. Books shape your opinion. They’d let you know more about yourself and life. They’d help you make strong decisions that you know are important to make.

2. Giving more time to fitness and your hobbies would let you have a wide view of yourself. You aren’t born to just love someone, you are born to be great.

3. Oftentimes, we do things we shouldn’t have just because we didn’t think of the pros and cons. Your love may just be a fiction of your own thinking that would end if you give it time and a piece of mind.

4. Friends tell you how life could be fun even without a relationship.

5. Travelling, well that was a personal choice. It opens your mind to the beauty of nature and would distract your from your lonelinesss.

You just need to keep yourself busy in order to help you decide what’s necessary.

Hope it helps.

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