Man Helps Oyinbo Lady Whose Car Broke Down on the Road, Uses His Tyre for Her, Rejects Sweet Reward

A young lady, Eric Christine Usinger, has written glowingly about a man who helped to get her car back on the road after a burst tyre Erica said that when her spare and mum’s were flat, Teewon Vaye used his as a way to help the situation Many people who reacted to her post on Facebook said the world needs more people like Teewon to be a better place

A young lady, Erica Christine Usinger, in a Facebook post wrote about a man, Teewon Vaye, who helped her out when her car had a burst tyre. The woman said when it happened, she had no idea how to replace the tyre and she was just in the car confused. The lady’s car broke down but a kind man helped.

When Teewon sighted the confused lady, he approached to help her. On opening her booth, they discovered that the woman’s spare was also flat, Understanding Compassion reports. They waited for over 40 minutes for the lady’s mum to bring a spare tyre. Unfortunately, hers was also flat. Teewon had to use his so that the woman could get to a vulcanizer to fix her tyre. He said ‘no’ to reward When the lady offered to take the man out for a dinner, he refused the reward and rather asked her to pay it forward by helping others. Erica revealed that she made the post with the hope that his employer will see it and know that they have got a very kind worker.

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