In today’s world, heart attacks are one of the leading causes of death.

This disease, unfortunately, normally sneaks up on people. However, our bodies give us warnings that we must not ignore just before the disaster.

We’ve already discussed the general signs and symptoms of a heart attack on the way. They turned out to manifest themselves in men and women in various ways. Here are six warning signs that every woman should be aware of in order to keep the disease at bay.

These symptoms can be misleading since a heart attack is often associated with pain in the chest or left arm, rather than the neck or jaw. Pain can be gradual, nagging, immediate, or unexpected. It has the ability to jolt you awake in the middle of the night. As a result, you should seek medical advice as soon as you experience any troubling symptoms.

Any warning signs of a heart attack may be mistaken for signs of poisoning, the flu, or extreme heartburn. Women often feel abdominal pressure, which they equate to “an elephant sitting on the stomach” in their descriptions.

Another common symptom among women is cold sweat. It can seem to be linked to stress in some way. If you haven’t had similar symptoms before, you should see a doctor.

Breathing problems for no apparent cause are a common symptom of a heart attack, particularly if they occur in conjunction with another symptom. Women who survived said they felt as if they had run a marathon despite not moving.

If you feel excessively tired even after a long rest and are unable to perform basic tasks (such as going to the bathroom), this is a warning sign and a reason to pay attention to the state of your cardiovascular system.

Chest pain, swelling, burning, and a feeling of pressure in the chest can happen to anyone, regardless of gender. However, some women feel pain across their chest, not just on the left side. Call your doctor right away if the pain or pressure doesn’t go away within a few minutes.

Note that these symptoms aren’t always indicative of a heart attack. However, their combination, as well as the recurrence of the same symptoms, is already justification enough to seek medical advice. Medical attention received in a timely manner will save lives. Look after yourself!

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