Woman Lifts Mother and Son Living in Kiosk Out of Poverty, Uses Over N200k to Rent Them Proper Room

A woman and her son were living in a shabby kiosk that leaked anytime it rained A good Samaritan identified as Abigail Simons helped raise over GHc4,000 (N272,516.49) to rent a room for the mother of one Nana Tea, a social media influencer, narrated the act of kindness in a popular social media group

A mother and her son living in a shabby kiosk have received help after a Good Samaritan helped raise over GHc4,000.00 (N272,516.49) to rent a decent room for them. In a post online, social media influencer, Nana Tea, born James Annor Tetteh, narrated how a woman who had previously paid for the child’s admission fees organised funds to rent a decent room for the mother of one. According to Nana Tea, the woman and her son were living in a dilapidated kiosk that leaked anytime it rained.

”From living in a kiosk to a decent room; You remember this story right, the little boy and his learning how to write and did a kenkey party afterwards? Do you remember one madam Abigail Simons from Tell It All Official who paid the school fees for the little boy to kick start it?” he quizzed. ”Well, she has done it again; she and her family and friends raised over GHc4000 to get a decent room for them to stay in. She said when it rains, they have to stand at one corner because the roof was leaking so getting here was perfect for them. We’ve gone there to pay two years in advance. Some three donated about 700gh to me to be given to her. She has added some small cosmetics in addition to the selling of the water. She is planning to use the kiosk as a cosmetics or provisions shop.”

Inspiring others Nana Tea seized the opportunity to establish that, “When your time is up, nobody can block your shine.” He added: “We all need just that one person in one of our life n things will turn around for us. May we meet our divine helpers this week.”

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