Man in shock after walking in on hired plumber cooking noodles in his kitchen

Young man narrates a surprising situation he met a contracted plumber in his kitchen with a pot of noodles he made for himself.

According to a Twitter user identified as @The OreAfolayan, he hired the service of a plumber for his apartment before dashing out for work in the morning.

Fortunately and unfortunately, he had a reason to return home in the afternoon to pick up an important document, only to walk in on the plumber who had treated himself to a pot of noodles.

“I dashed home around noon to pick a document. I saw the plumber I contracted in the morning; uneasy, looking left/right and forming unnecessary busy.

Aroma of noodles filled the air and I went to the kitchen to find a freshly cooked, opened pot of noodles hidden behind the gas,” he wrote.

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