Muhammadu Buhari (The president of Nigeria) has been fighting against the security challenges and other problems within the country. He has made a lot of polices in order to end insecurity and the calls for secession within the nation.

(Photo Credit: Adrikgist).

However, IPOB (Indigenous People Of Biafra) members are among the people that are seeking for the secession of Nigeria. They have accused President Buhari of making a lot of a policies against their group.

Also, IPOB members claimed that President Buhari placed a “Shoot-on-sight” order against their members and this wrong information has caused tension within the southeast region.

(Photo Credit: Infonow).

So, here are 2 things IPOB members should know about the “Shoot-On-Sight” order that Buhari gave to the Nigerian military.

IPOB Members Should Know That The “Shoot-On-Sight” Order Was Given Against Bandits That Are Carrying Guns In Nigeria.

Recently, Buhari’s spokesman (Garba Shehu) revealed that Buhari’s “Shoot-On-Sight” order was given against bandits within the country.

(Photo Credit: Afriknews).

However, Garba Shehu stated that Buhari did not give out “shoot-on-sight” order against IPOB members. He made this statement during a program on “BBC News Pidgin”.

IPOB Members Should Know That The “Shoot-On-Sight” Order Was Made By Buhari To Reduce The Level Of Banditry In Nigeria.

IPOB members should know that President Buhari created the “Shoot-on-sight” order to end banditry within the nation.

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