A Nigerian lady (anonymous) has shared a true story of how her father-in-law to-be wants to sleep with her before accepting her to marry his son.

“I want to be anonymous and hide my identity but I really a way out of this ASAP. I met this my handsome husband to be some years back and we have been friends then we started dating and then he proposed marriage.

“Actually my Fiancé doesn’t really have so much money and so his dad being a big man and a CEO is sponsoring the wedding. Infact my Fiancé actually works in his dad company as a director, this is why this Issue is complicated.

“He loves and respect his dad so much and his dad made him what he is today. You need to see how he speaks about his dad with so much love and respect and honour. Even the car he drives now, his dad bought it for him and the dad promised to send us to Dubai after our wedding for a 1 month holiday, this was a great news for me that is from a middle class home and my dad never owned a car neither have I ever left Nigeria.

“The problem came in when My Fiancé took me to introduce to his parents. His mum loves me so much and so did his dad but that day the father requested to speak with me alone. He took me into his second parlour and gave me some wine and small chops, then he started starring at me for like 10 minutes before saying he wants to sleep with me to see if I am good enough for his son. I paused in shock and said “Sir, I did not hear you well”. I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming or not…

“He said I should not even think of telling my Fiancé because that won’t help out here that he will just kick me away and get another lady. He said I am beautiful and sweet and that he wants to see how sweet I will be on bed with his son.

“Since that day I have not been myself, the father is everything to my Fiancé and has made him what he is today and so he might be right that My Fiancé can’t because of me fight with his dad, he might just dump me and regard me as evil and trying to setup his father.

“I can’t sleep with that old man and I love my Fiancé so much forget the money, am not attracted to the money but to him. Please I need counsel from anyone who has been in this before.

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