The ongoing protest in the University of Benin has taken another turn after the University Management authorised temporary closure of the Institution following the protest against the extra charge that was added for late School fees payment.

The Students matched to the Vice Chancellor’s Lodge to disconnect her light as she ordered the shut down of light in the hall of residence. On getting there, the VC came out to address the protesting student at her residence, the students insisted on the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Lillian Salami must come out to address them.

The Students then created a guard of honour and forced her to trek to the School’s Main Gate to address the other protesting students who were waiting patiently for her.

She was spotted in tears as some students booed her as she trekked to the Main gate with some chanting “VC is a Yahoo girl”

However, report just reaching me is that the Vice Chancellor has bowed to Students pressure, reversed 20k extra charges on School fees.

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