The way single ladies date married men is the same way some men find pleasure in dating married women. This is very wrong in all sense and can lead to drastic consequences. Once a woman is married, she is a no-go-area because she belongs to just one man forever. However, most married women find joy in cheating in their marriages with young men. Here are some reasons why men should not date a woman who is married.

1) It is a sin : The Bible condemns such act. Sleeping with a married woman is adultery and should not be done by any man who wants a good life ahead. It’s just like a man heaping coals of fire on his head that will finally burn him. God hates it and no matter what a woman gives you, it should never be enough for you to sin against God.

2) You can never have peace of mind : You both know that what you are doing is wrong and if the husband of the woman ever finds out, then you may lose your life or even your status in the society. If both of you are ever caught together, you will definitely be embarrassed and disgraced. Even your family members will be disappointed and will not take sides with you.

3) It causes destruction: Dating a married woman will only put you in trouble that you may never be able to get out from. It will destroy your life and destiny and you may even end up marrying a woman who will cheat on you because of the seeds you sowed during your single years.

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