In a recent video which has gone viral on various social media platform, a young lady who seem to be used to imitating Cultists on her Tiktok page, was recently dealt with by cultists.

She made a recent video where she spoke in some cult slang and boldly shared it on her TikTok page. She was then traced and dealt with by some unknown persons, reported to be cultists.

Here is a screenshot from one of her videos.

The cultists took her to an isolated building, and she was stripped off her clothes and heavily brutalised for the TikTok video she made.

There are circulating rumours that she was killed in the process, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Below is a photo of her being brutalised by the cultists, as she pleaded for mercy.

Though I am not in support of cultism, and I definitely condemn what they did to her, but she should be blamed for what ever happens to her.

Despite being aware that her video would most likely attract the attention of cultists, she still went ahead to share them on her TikTok page, even though she was not a cultist herself.

This should definitely serve as a lesson to most of us who go about imitating cultists or try to speak like them, as it may not be entirely funny if these dreaded cultists finds out.

What are your thoughts?

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