A mother cried out Bitterly after her son changed into a woman using surgery. The mother, who posted her conversation with her son turned daughter, said that she still sees him as a son and not a daughter. Her child was angry after she referred to her as a son. She said that it is a son that God gave to her and not a daughter. Lamenting over the incident, the heartbroken woman said that her husband who is in the grave must be so angry and disappointed now over the incident. Many people have been trying to console the woman to take it easy with him and continue to pray for him/her. Many people also stated that they are now afraid of sending their children abroad for studies because of what is happening, as some of them either change themselves to a female. Many parents are not happy about this because of the Africa culture and mentality. A young man who reacted to the news tried to console the woman, saying that,” 3 things that can hold a person’s Decision



And the person in Question 

So in a country where parental control or guidance is zero

And religion is almost zero

Na if the person, wan do anything 

He go do

It’s just simple”. 

It is still unclear why the man decided to turn into a woman, but he /she is very comfortable with his /her present condition. He /she was even embarrassed and angry that his/her mother called him/her a man. The incident was said to have taken place in Nigeria. A Twitter user wrote, “Parents can only guide their children on the right path but have no control on how they turn out; Environment plays a vital role on whom a child becomes as an adult but people who change personalities after relocating abroad already had the desire to do so. They were living a lie”. 

It is clear from all indication that the lady /man came from a very religious family, judging from the mother’s statement and messages she sent to him/her. One of the people helping the mother pray for the child said, “Been in this abroad for 8yrs, and have never changed from being good. Some people are just waiting for the opportunity. It’s them, not the system. And some people choose to follow suits when they travel abroad because in their system the likes of that is allowed”. 

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