A man is usually born with a private organ, that enables him to urinate and also engage in intimate activity. Puberty usually start within the age of 9 and 14 years. Puberty may last for four to five years, and it depends at the age which it started. During puberty, a man’s private organ will get bigger and thicker. It is important to know that the rate at which the private organ grows, varies from one person to the other. According to a research, the average rate of growth of a man’s private organ is less than half an inch per year, from ages 11 to 15. When a boy is done with his puberty stage, his private organ stops growing. This happens when a man becomes 18 or 19 years old. A man’s private organ may continue growing, when he enters his early 20s but at a slower rate.

There are certain things that can affect a man’s private organ during puberty and they are:

1. The testicle growth on the private organ.

2. The growth of pubic hairs around the private organ.

3. Getting a hard private organ, and releasing a discharge frequently.

4. Having wet dreams.

According to a research, it is important to know that the average size of man’s private organ when flaccid is 3.61 inches, and 5.16 inches when it is hard. If you notice that your private organ is unusually small after puberty, then it means that you may have a medical condition called micro private organ. A micro private organ is a private organ that is very small, and it can be caused by either hormonal or genetic abnormalities. Once a man’s private organ is below 3.66 inches when hard, then it is regarded as a micro private organ. There is no cure for this condition, but using hormone therapy may help in children with this condition. Making use of surgery can also help.

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