Manual intimacy as it’s fondly called entails using your fingers on a woman during intimacy. While it is a very acceptable means of expressing affection and love to your partner, it shouldn’t be done with someone who you’re unsure of his or her health status.

In this article, we are going to have a look at some sexually transmitted infections that a woman can contract when she allows a man use his finger on her during intimacy. This article is targeted at educating the women who are often at the receiving end of such arrangement, that is totally unhealthy to allow just any kind of man to use his finger on your private organ. Just sit tight and learn something new.

What Are The Diseases That Can Be Contracted From Allowing A Man Use His Fingers On You During Intimacy?

1. Scabies; scabies is not necessarily a sexually transmitted infection but since it has to do with coming too close to an infected person, engaging in manual intimacy can easily lead to the contraction of the infection. This is a skin infection that can be passed from one person to another when there is bodily contact, and it’s often acconpanied by irritation, itching and rashes on the skin.

2. Human Papilloma Virus; this is a deadly virus that is capable of causing cervical cancer in women. Several studies assert that HPV can easily be contracted through intimacy but more deep research has shown that, it can also be transmitted through hand-genital intimacy. Therefore, allowing a man you know nothing about his health status to use his fingers on you, could mean inviting trouble to your body.

3. Herpes; this is another sexually transmitted infection that can be transmitted not just through intimacy or direct genital – genital intimacy but through hand-genital intimacy. Allowing someone to carelessly use his fingers on you can also cause herpes as it can be contracted through skin to skin contact.

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