The success of your relationship or marriage lies in your hands. You don’t need an outsider to build your relationship or marriage for you. Honestly, there are many little but important things many lovers and couple have been overlooking. These little things may appear insignificant, but their importance cannot be overemphasized.Mr_Counselor has explained these little things in this piece for a peaceful and charming coexistence in your romantic relationship or marriage.

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1. Ensure that you are not hungry during argument.

This may sound awkward to many people, but if you understand the power of “gut check” before an argument, you will be able to avoid unnecessary arguments and build a better relationship or marriage where love, peace and unity reign.

Have you heard the popular saying that goes thus, “an angry man is a hungry man?” I want to believe that you have heard it before. This saying is so true that if you understand it, you may not have much issue with people, especially with your lover.

Many people usually get angry or pissed off whenever they are hungry. Because they are hungry, any little thing can make them angry. And if they engage in an argument while hungry, they may find it difficult to communicate effectively. Therefore, making sure that you are not hungry before engaging in or during an argument can solve unnecessary problems. Please, do not underrate or overlook this.

2. Never leave your partner uncomforted.

You may convince yourself to believe that your lover is strong enough to go through any bad situation, whether physical, mental and emotional. But are you being a good partner with this attitude, belief, mindset or ideology? The answer is no.

No matter the level of fight you had with your partner, ensure that you comfort them before any other thing. It is better to avoid fights in a relationship or marriage, but when it happens, you need to comfort your lover.

3. Learn to let things go.

This is very important in maintaining a healthy and romantic relationship and marriage. Letting things go can prevent many unwanted situations in your relationship or marriage.

Instead of allowing things get on your nerves, let them go and focus on your happiness.

4. Always allow your partner to have more.

Love is cheerful and selfless. When you are selfless, what you want won’t matter to you so much, rather, you will always think about what your partner wants and what they deserve.

Always allow your partner to make the first choice. Let their own share of everything be more than yours. This is not called foolishness or stupidity, rather, it is call love and selflessness.

5. Often remind them of your love for them.

Your partner need to be reminded of your love for them. You may not understand the level of joy and happiness they feel in their heart whenever you bless their day with a reminder of your love for them. Do not underrate this romantic reminder.

6. Always apologise to them and also appreciate their efforts.

Make “I am sorry” and “thank you” your closest words whenever you fumble and whenever you receive good gifts and treats from your lover. Do away with pride and appreciate more.

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