The female private organ is one of the most delicate organs of the female body which should be taken care of very seriously. This is because the female organ is easily prone to infection and diseases, if not properly taken care of, and this infection and diseases can easily spread, especially during intimacy. Most women’s private organ actually become loose after intimacy, and in many cases, some of these women find it difficult to get their private organ to become tighter, while some even think that once they loose the elasticity of their private organ, they can never regain it. But that is not true.

The private organ of a female is actually elastic in nature. What this mean is that it can actually stretch to a certain length and may or may not get back to it’s original shape. As you get older, or have children, it can actually make the private organ to become looser, and it can stretch and retract, just like a rubber band normally does. 

Loose Private Organ?

According to experts, there is not really any such thing as a “loose” private organ for women, contrary to what they have made women believe. The female private organ may change as a result of childbirth, age, intimacy, but it doesn’t loose stretch permanently. So you do not have to think that getting intimate with your partner multiple times will make your private organ to become loose permanently. 

Is A Tight Female Private Organ Good?

Contrary to what most women think, a tight female private organ is not actually a good thing. You may not know this, but a tight female private organ may actually be a sign of health condition that may require proper medical assistance. 

A tight female private organ can also make intimacy a very painfully experience, because there is no friction. 

A tighter female private organ could also be as a result of a health condition known as Vaginismus which is a rare but treatable condition. 

Source: healthline

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