A Nigerian lady has shared screenshots of her conversation with a man who asked her for financial help barely 48 hours after they met.

The lady, who goes by the handle @esiyonce on Twitter, revealed that she met the man through a mutual friend and they were supposed to go on a date.

However, moments after they exchanged contacts and started talking, the man asked her to help him with transport fare to go see his dad, and when she didn’t oblige, he canceled their date.

She turned down his request for money, telling him to ask people he’s known for long to help him.

Sharing a screenshot of their chat, Esiyonce revealed she also blocked him after he canceled their date because she refused to help him with cash.

“Met him through a friend, and within 48 hours, he asked for tfare to go see his dad! I refused, then he declared he didn’t want to meet me again. Lagos is not for the faint hearted ,” she wrote while sharing a screenshot of their chat.

Read their chat below,

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