A middle-aged suspect (male) has revealed the source of the yam tubers that landed him in trouble in Ibadan, Oyo State. The suspect narrated the incident during his interview with TVC News.

A man has been accused of dropping a certain amount of money on the ground in Ibadan, which some children reportedly picked and turned into two tubers of yam. The suspect narrated his story after he got rescued from an angry mob.

Making revelations regarding the incident, the suspect said. “One Alhaja asked me to deliver the yam tubers to my boss, Kola, in the Sango area of Ibadan. I know nothing beyond this. A young man approached me after I got to the gate guarding my street, and he demanded to know the contents of my bag. I told him that I had not even checked the contents in the bag. I offloaded the contents in the bag, and diapers got found in it. I do not believe that kids can turn into yam.”

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