Reverend Father Fidelis Ekemgba has narrated how he got abducted by armed men in Imo State. One of the suspected kidnappers arrested in connection to the case revealed that he was a Pastor during his interview with Channels TV.

You may have heard that a priest got abducted in the Imo state. The victim has since narrated his ordeal.×300&!2&fsb=1&xpc=qk6sTGwRXl&p=https%3A//

Narrating his ordeal, the Ekemgba said, “I was returning to my workplace when the kidnappers stopped their vehicle in front of my car, and they came down. I initially thought they intended to make a U-turn. The six-man armed gang descended on my car and tried to force me outside. I resisted them, as I wanted them to shoot me there instead of taking me away. Eventually, they subdued me and drove off with me. They held me captive till my family paid N5 million ransom. I realised that they had emptied my bank account after I got released. They had forcefully obtained my account details while I was in captivity.”

One of the suspects, Izuchukwu, revealed that he was a pastor. He confessed to the crime by saying, “I got led into the crime by my friend Richard. I am not proud to be involved in a kidnapping case. I got over one million from the operation, and I used the money to establish a shop in Lagos. Furthermore, I am a pastor in a Christian ministry.”

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