Young Female Worker Fired after Fighting off Thief Who Stole TV at her Workplace Gets Job from UFC Boss

A young female worker who showed great courage to avert a theft at her place of work has been rewarded with her dream job 24-year-old Summer Tapasa was fired after she manhandled a male television shoplifter at her workplace A video of her manhandling the tresspasser caught the attention of mixed martial arts promotion company boss and he offered the brave lady a job

A young lady who lost her job after she had gone viral for manhandling a television shoplifter at her workplace has landed a new job. Goalcast reports that Summer Tapasa who works at Best Buy (an electronics company) had stood up to a male thief at her workplace.

The 24-year-old would however lose the job. A video capturing her courageous effort was shared massively on social media and this got the attention of UFC boss Dana White who took it upon himself to secure her services.

UFC boss appointed Summer as a corporate security officer has it that UFC boss Dana in January 2020 made a promise and gave Summer the job of a corporate security officer.

He wrote:

“Somebody was stealing a TV, some dude, and she beat his a** and stopped him from stealing the TV. “She got fired from Best Buy, which I thought was horrible. So I brought her out to Vegas. “I offered her a job here. She went back to Hawaii, she weighed up all her options and she decided to come work for the UFC. “She is now a UFC employee. So all you people thinking about f***ing around over here at the UFC, you’ll get your a** whooped by Summer!” Restaurant worker fired for giving boy free food gets numerous job offers

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