Fuel Station Worker who Paid for Woman’s Fuel Gets Rewarded with 8 Years Worth of Salary

A filling station attendant got rewarded with a life-changing gift after he showed kindness to a stranded customer

The customer, a 21-year-old student, had wanted to fuel her car only to discover that she had left her card at home and as such, couldn’t pay for the service

To her utmost surprise, the 28-year-old attendant didn’t only wipe her car screen but paid for her fuel with his card

A filling station worker has been rewarded handsomely by a grateful customer whom he had shown kindness to.

Ron Project reports that a lady, Monet van Deventer, had stopped at the filling station in South Africa to fill her car.

Filing station worker stunned with cash covering his salary for the next 8 years after paying for lady’s fuel

The lad had forgot her card at home

Nkosikho Mbele who happened to be the attendant on duty had first begun wiping the lady’s car screen before rendering the service she requested.

Man helps oyinbo lady whose car broke down on the road, uses his tyre for her, rejects reward

It was when Mbele wanted to fill her car that Monet discovered she had forgotten her card at home.

Mbele came up with a solution for the stranded lady

The 28-year-old petrol attendant then stepped in with a solution. He offered to pay for her fuel with his card with the promise that Monet would return it when next she stopped by.

He then went on to fill her car after paying R100 (₦ 2,750.98) with his card.

Times Live reports that the lady was touched by the kindness from a total stranger and set up fundraising for the man.

The fundraising received $94,000 (N38,634,940.00) which equates to the man’s salary for the next 8 years.

It is noteworthy that the incident took place in 2019.

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