Just this morning contestant George, a 20yr old guy and the Duke top Model, palge 0’21, hall Governor of Eni- Njoku; the chairman, council of hall governors, UNN and also the HOH(the head of house) in the ongoing 9nija’s contest, was in a discussion with his colleague, contestant Emmanuel a very creative and funny guy, Contestant Emmanuel asked Contestant George about his family. Contestant George replied that his wife was in the kitchen preparing Pap and Moi Moi for him..

Contestant Emmanuel still asked him to send his baby’s picture… And he sent the below picture…

What is your opinion about this? Do you think this picture is truly Contestant George’s baby… Can a 20yr old boy have a baby already…. Drop your opinion in the comment section below

5 thoughts on “HOH of Mr\Miss 9naija Contest: “My wife is in the kitchen, she is actually preparing pap & Moi Moi for me”

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