A great technique to keep the connection alive is to use humour, whether you’re planning to date your crush or you are just hanging out with him or her as a friend. In any case, you should not let a single morning go by without sending a hilarious text message to your sweetheart, and all of the solutions we’ve provided will help you achieve this. Send your crush these six humorous morning texts.

1. Due to the fact that I text you every time I wake up, you force me to stay awake. Now that my neighbors can hear me moving around, they assume that I am hardworking. You have a good day.

2. Did you know that bees can fly, dogs can jump, and that you can make a man like me gaze until he gets hit by a car? It is a pleasure to greet one of my favorite gals. Good morning, dear.

3. Welcome to the world, new friend! If you run across me today, please be aware that I will monopolize your attention. You know how much I enjoy being around you. Morning!

4. Hello, sweetheart. I pray today brings you many benefits while also allowing me to catch a glimpse of your lovely face. Hello and good morning to you. What’s new with you this morning? I hope you’re as lovely as the lovely lady you’ll see in the mirror today? 

5. It’s only fair that a wonderfully attractive boy like you wake up with a female like me by his side. Agree or agree. My favorite classmate, good morning and have a wonderful day ahead.

6. I totally agree with those who believe you deserve the finest. Did they ever tell you that receiving text messages from me counts as the best? Good morning to you, dearie!

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