Young Lady Takes Crate Challenge to Another Level as She Walks on Bottle,

A young white lady has taken Crate Challenge to a whole new level with Bottle Challenge which many will not dare to try The young lady could be seen in a video walking on nine bottles that were placed on a staircase and table Many Nigerians have reacted to the video as some of them jokingly noted that they would like to try it out

A video of a young white lady doing Bottle Challenge has got people talking on social media as Crate Challenge continues to gain momentum. In the video that was shared on Instagram by @krakstv, the young lady walked on nine bottles that were placed on a staircase and table. The young lady wowed many with amazing skills in Bottle Challenge video.

She stepped on one bottle after the other with utmost carefulness as people gathered to watch her display amazing skills.

Woman wins #CrateChallenge in her high heels, maintains balance, viral video impresses many people Onlookers could be seen watching her closely and as the lady got on the table, they gave her a round of applause.

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