Photographer Reunites with Man He Snapped in 2006, Lifts his Family out of Poverty

A photojournalist has brought smiles to the faces of the family of a man he had taken photos of many years ago GMB Akash had taken snaps of Munna when he worked at a factory at only 7 years of age to support his poor family In 2011, fate reconnected Akash back to Munna and this set in motion a chain of events that would later take a family out of poverty

A photojournalist, GMB Akash, has melted hearts on social media following his kindness to a poor family that has seen them become financially stable. Akash’s relationship with the family of a man named Munna began many years ago. He had taken snaps of the man as a child worker in 2006

According to Akash who relayed the story on Facebook, he had photographed Munna in 2006 (Munna was 7 years old at that time) while the lad worked as a factory worker.

Munna’s dad Alamgir also worked as a cobbler at that time. Akash reconnects with Munna Akash said that he met Munna in 2011 again. Upon finding out that the man’s family were still not doing well financially, Akash first helped Munna’s dad set up a vegetable business and Munna a popcorn business. But these businesses were said to have been crippled due to the pandemic. Again, Akash stepped in to help the family. He got Munna a tricycle and this paved way for the family’s financial breakthrough. This is as through the business Munna’s family paid up their loans and were able to make ends meet.

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