Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Ameachi, has made some serious accusations against the political elites, especially those who reside in Abuja. The Minister stated that the elites are burning the national resources of Nigerians and added that this action if continued without being properly checked would cause dire consequences.

While speaking to Daily Trust about the Nigerian political atmosphere, the Minister stated that the president, Muhammadu Buhari is trying his best to ensure that the country is in good condition. Adding that the situation of the country, as seen in the catastrophic events that have been due to the rising Insecurity issues cannot be blamed on the president, rather it is as a result of the hardships that have since been affecting the nation’s capital.

The two-term governor of Rivers state was quoted saying that, “What the president is saying is: let us create infrastructure. The president would ask how we feel when we get to Cape Town. You will be ashamed being a Nigerian because the political elites have burnt our resources and are not able to put infrastructures on the ground.”

He explained that “The only thing you will hear of Nigeria is that you should come to Abuja; that it is a fine city. But Abuja does not feed anybody. If we are not careful, we will be chased out of Abuja.

The minister while speaking ensured that he mentioned and referenced the past of Nigeria, stating that in the past, when he was the speaker and later became governor, he had already mentioned that “we would wake up one day and the young boys we deprived would chase us out of town. How many big men are still living in their states? They have all run away.” The minister mentioned that everyone now lives in Abuja, all wealthy people have made Abuja their home, which they believe is protected by the president. “One day, the boys will be courageous and we will be on the run,” he said.

“If we don’t follow what the president is saying by not only diversifying the economy but also putting the necessary infrastructures in place, there will be no need to stay together as Nigerians.

People are saying that secession is the problem, but it is not. There are two reasons for secession —economic deprivation and injustice. Did the injustice start from this government? I was there, so we need to address it,” the former governor added.

He explained that the Northern part of Nigeria has been deprived, the same way the Southern parts have also been deprived, not to leave out the easterners, and westerners. He then appealed to the elites, that are leading the crisis of insurrection in Nigeria, to be very careful because the day the poor people of these regions come together as a people, and “all of us will run.” “They can try as much as possible to divide the country, but the day the poor men come together, we will run,” he said.

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